Several years of meticulous planning and craftsmanship have gone into restoring the original, breathtaking beauty of Villa Capponi.

From the start, the objective was to achieve a delicate balance of form and function – paying utmost respect to the building’s heritage while carefully installing the latest technologies and comforts.

A team of accomplished architects, designers and artisans has painstakingly restored or recreated Villa Capponi’s finest details – returning this grand structure to the state of aesthetic perfection it had at the height of the Capponi family’s ownership.

The eighteenth century decorations, stucco, stone works and coats of arms of the noble families have been carefully restored.

The villa has also been sensitively modernised and subtly reconfigured to accommodate fourteen luxury apartments. The result is a revitalised grand villa that would, in many respects, be wholly recognisable to the noble residents and guests who spent time here in the 1800s – but with modern conveniences and amenities which put it on a par with the best luxury residences of our current era.

The restoration of Villa Capponi represents a triumphant rebirth, fusing past glories with present day luxuries

Common areas befitting an exquisite villa

The V.R.C. has been imagined as a space for owners and their guests to mingle, hold meetings or relax with an after-dinner liqueur

Villa Capponi has received many distinguished visitors over the centuries. Now, as then, grandeur and rare beauty permeate the entire villa, from its imposing entrance to its stately passageways and stone staircases.

The main reception rooms have been returned to their original splendour, and subtly reimagined as an exclusive gathering place for residents – the Villa Residents’ Club, or V.R.C.

The revitalised interiors of these outstanding spaces honour the aesthetic traditions of the Classical period while at the same time facilitating a more relaxed and contemporary mode of elegant living.

A harmony of artistry and nature

The aristocratic families who built villas in this part of Tuscany were drawn here in large part by the beauty and fertility of the natural setting

In the height of the grand villa era, elaborate gardens and olive or grape harvests were as important as the manor itself.

Characteristically, the grounds around Villa Capponi form a beautiful tapestry of man-made and natural landscaping – stretching across 10 hectares of parkland that is exclusively for the use of owners and guests.

This vast private sanctuary includes many unexpected delights, as well as many breathtaking vantage points over Florence and Tuscany.

The villa’s modern, heated swimming pool has been nestled among grape vineyards. The Jacuzzi spa tub is in a picturesque and secluded spot amongst the olive trees.

Horticulturalists and garden historians have undertaken an extensive restoration of the gardens as part of the overall revival of this great country home. Local farmers continue to tend the villa’s orchards and vineyards, as they have done for centuries, to ensure an optimal harvest.

The estate's unique 18th-century grotto offers a calm and cooling riposte to the summer heat

This vast private sanctuary includes many unexpected delights



The development company Villa Antica SrL is at the forefront of the revitalisation of Villa Capponi, led by Dmitry Kulish, an architect, designer and Italophile whose vision and passion for rescuing Villa Capponi have been vital to the progress of this ambitious restoration project.



Florence based and internationally prolific architects NSS designed the interior architecture and sensitive modernisation of of Villa Capponi. Co-founder Luca Gigli is a recognised Italian authority on architecture design, green building and historical reconstruction.



London based Skylla Group consulted on resident amenities and the realisation of Villa Capponi as a modern luxury retreat. Skylla founder Marguerite Krikhaar has collaborated with and helped to market many luxury property brands globally, including branded residential developments in association with Bulgari Hotels, Philippe Starck, Mandarin Oriental and Four Seasons, among many others.


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